We condemn the ban off the antifascist memorial event on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the execution of Ernst Thälmann
16 Αυγούστου, 2019English Contentadmin

CPG (m-l) protests and is demonstrating its opposition against the decision of the institute that manages the Buchenwald concentration camp, to cancel the events in honour and in memory of the communist leader Ernst Thälmann that the Internationalist Alliance hosts in Germany. We have to do with a decision in line with the anticommunist campaign that’s unfolding in the European Union and its member countries. It is particularly a provocation from the institute to actually use the excuse that the event hosts are anti-semites, just because there are militant Palestinian organizations in the Internationalist Alliance. We explicitly denounce these views and their consequent decisions whose only goal is to conceal the historical truth and abstract the brutalities of Hitlerite fascism as the result of capitalism and imperialism that gave him birth, as well as conceal the fervent resistance of the communists and the peoples against it.

The Greek communists and the Greek people know first-hand the brutalities and trials suffered by the prisoners in concentration camps, as they have heavily paid the blood price to fascism and the Nazi concentration camps. The communists and the peoples were the fascists” worthy opponent, as their struggle and sacrifice became the mounds against its marching forward. We call upon the institute’s administration that manages the Buchenwald camp and any other who may be responsible, to take back this anti-democratic and provocative decision against every persons democratic and progressive sentiments.


International Bureau

Athens August 2019

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CPG (m-l) International Bureau