Stop the massacre of the Bolivian people! Solidarity in Latin America that opposes and demonstrates against fascism and imperialism!
1 Δεκεμβρίου, 2019English Contentadmin

The news from Bolivia leaves no doubt. The US-led military coup that overthrew the legitimate President Morales, follows a criminal wave of terrorism and repression and a bloodbath, resulting in an unspecified number of dead and injured. All of them shot by soldiers and policemen who have been ordered to kill. The pictures of lifeless bodies of protesters in Cochabamba and information from La Paz hospitals shock and enrage all progressive and democratic people in the world. Once again, the Bolivian people confront the army and repression mechanisms, trained and led by the Yankee imperialists, in the interests of white oligarchy, American multinationals and reactionary racist and far-right forces who want to take the historic rematch.

The Bolivian people, the workers and students, the poor indigenous farmers heroically resist the coup, the violence and the fascists who have assumed power by force, in line with the US Embassy and the reactionary governments of Colombia and Chile. Despite their feeling of betrayal and the disproval of their hopes by the Morales administration, which has come to terms with plutocratic forces and the old bourgeois state, Bolivians, who have learned to fight for decades now, do not put it down. They continue to raise their stature and claim a new Bolivia. A country with a fair share of its natural and productive wealth to the people who live and work it, independent of imperialist plunder and occupation and with full rights for all its citizens, regardless of origin and religion.

Bolivians, Chileans, and other Latin American peoples are fighting against common enemies, who when their power and interests are at stake, coordinate, support each other, and unite, always backed by and under guidance of the North American imperialism that considers the area ​​its own «territory». The United States consistently seek to keep the western hemisphere under their guardianship, preventing and displacing other imperialists from gaining economic and political influence. At the same time, they are constantly trying not to let the people’s rise and gain their independence. In this unpopular and subversive coordination, the role of the Organization of American States, which receives instructions directly from Washington, and the allegedly «neutral» attitude of silence and complicity of the European Union and the UN is important and despicable. This black front must be confronted with a common struggle of the peoples of Latin America and the whole world. A front that does not choose a worse or better imperialist patron, but claims the world as a whole! That is, freedom, social justice, independence and socialism! One small step in that direction is the multiplication of multiform information and complaint events about what happens these days in Bolivia and Chile. The mass condemnation of imperialism and fascism. And the widest solidarity to those who fight and sacrifice for the freedom of their people!