THESSALONIKI | Political event: 20 years since the NATO intervention in Yugoslavia (13/4)
5 Απριλίου, 2019English Contentadmin

On occasion of the 20 years since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, that shed the blood of its peoples and considerably moved forward the American-NATO domination in the Balkan peninsula, the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) nvites you to attend its event which will take place in Thessaloniki’s Labour Union (Abraham Benaroya hall), Greece, on 13th of April 2019.

Twenty years later, the Americans expand their murderous bases in the Balkans using NATO as their vehicle, they move forward their deals in order to drive out any Russian influence (Prespes Deal, tripartite deals, etc), they attempt to stop the Chinese infiltration as well as the limiting of the European ambitions. But they also bring again on the table the Kosovo matter and the “exchange of territories”, risking the setting of new fires to the whole peninsula.

Twenty years later the Balkans still consist one of the most crucial areas of a brutal American-Russian conflict, are still deep into suspicion and bigotry among its nations, while their peoples are crushed under a policy of poverty, misery and unemployment. This dangerous background is the breeding ground of nationalism and chauvinism, that poison the peoples” consciousness and serve the “divide and conquer” policy against this bleeding peninsula. The constitution of an anti-imperialist antiwar antinationalist movement of the Balkan peoples is of utmost urgency. We ought to contribute to this contribution with all our strenght!

CPG (m-l)