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  • NO TO WAR! PEOPLES ARE NOT CANNON FODDER OF THE IMPERIALISTS-MURDERERS! The new dangerous naval incident involving the ramming of a Hellenic Coast Guard vessel in the vicinity of Imia islets, the announcements of military exercises and the subsequent reservation of marine areas, the airspace and maritime violations, and the escalation of threats once again underscore the increased perils of war that threaten both peoples of ...
  • Communiqué du Comité Exécutif du Parti Communiste de Grèce (marxiste-léniniste) Notre camarade Aris Lambrou nous a quitté Avec un profond sentiment de chagrin, le Comité Exécutif du PCG (m-l) annonce le décès du camarade Aristide (Aris) Lambrou, qui a eu lieu aujourd’hui, le 28 décembre 2017, à l’aube à Salonique. Aris Lambrou est né le 30 décembre 1952 à Salonique, et a fait ses études à la ...
  • Joint declaration from the Symposium at 11&12 of November 2017: ON 100TH ANNIVERSARY GLORY TO OCTOBER REVOLUTION AND ITS LEADERS! LONG LIVE PROLETARIAN INTERNATIONALISM! The October revolution is the most exact and the most decided movement forward of the proletariat with a power consciousness. The October revolution was 100 years ago the guarantee of a victory of the oppressed under the leadership of the working class against the oppressor class . During the time, where the imperialist-capitalist system was in ...
  • In order to give answers to the crucial questions of the restoration of capitalism Presentation of CPG(m-l)  in the International Meeting that took place in Athens  on  4 and 5 of November. Topic of Discussion: Capitalist restoration: causes – effects – the answers of the movement.  IN ORDER TO GIVE ANSWERS TO THE CRUCIAL QUESTIONS OF THE RESTORATION OF CAPITALISM A.THE POINT OF VIEW Why is it necessary to look into the crucial issues concerning ...
  • The road we want to follow Presentation of CPG(m-l)  in the International Meeting that took place in Athens  on  4 and 5 of November. Main event: 100 years from October of 1917. The Socialist revolution inspires, teaches and leads. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. It has been a hundred years since the first successful attempt of the ...


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