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  • Long live Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in the 45th anniversary of his assasination! It’s the 45th anniversary of the assasination of the representant of the international proletariat in Turkey, the founder of the TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist) Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was only 24 when he was murdered by the severe tortures from the fascist Turkish state on the 18th of May. Kaypakkaya founded the TKP/ML when ...
  • JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT of CPG(m-l) and TKP/ML for MAY DAY Long live the 1st of May, a day of unity, struggle and solidarity among the proletariat of al countries and of the widely exploited masses! According to comrade Lenin, Mayday is a day of struggle, “a day of awakening of worldwide workers” class consciousness”. The working class is the only consistent class which wants the abolition of ...
  • Joint announcement of CPG(m-l) TKP/ML The crisis of the global capitalist-imperialist system fuels and is fueled by the contradictions of the imperialist powers at all levels. All around the world workers and peoples are facing the most ferocious attack of the system’s forces which seek a solution in an ever greater and more profound barbarism. In our countries the working ...
  • NO TO WAR! PEOPLES ARE NOT CANNON FODDER OF THE IMPERIALISTS-MURDERERS! The new dangerous naval incident involving the ramming of a Hellenic Coast Guard vessel in the vicinity of Imia islets, the announcements of military exercises and the subsequent reservation of marine areas, the airspace and maritime violations, and the escalation of threats once again underscore the increased perils of war that threaten both peoples of ...
  • Communiqué du Comité Exécutif du Parti Communiste de Grèce (marxiste-léniniste) Notre camarade Aris Lambrou nous a quitté Avec un profond sentiment de chagrin, le Comité Exécutif du PCG (m-l) annonce le décès du camarade Aristide (Aris) Lambrou, qui a eu lieu aujourd’hui, le 28 décembre 2017, à l’aube à Salonique. Aris Lambrou est né le 30 décembre 1952 à Salonique, et a fait ses études à la ...


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