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  • The planet is burning! Capitalism-imperialism destroys! The planet is on fire. And we are not talking about fires that are likely to happen because of the summer. There has been a global scale catastrophe for several months that threatens to change dramatically the climate of our planet. The fire in the Amazon forest continued for over 25 days. Further, to the northeast, ...
  • КПГ(м-л) – Планета в огне! Капитализм и империализм уничтожают! Планета в огне. И речь не о пожарах, которые иногда случаются в летний период. На протяжении нескольких месяцев происходит глобальная катастрофа, которая может резко изменить климат нашей планеты. Уже более 25 дней лес Амазонки охвачен пламенем. Гораздо дальше, на северо-востоке, 28 тысяч квадратных километров уже полностью уничтожены пожарами, которые еще продолжают гореть в Сибири. Размер пострадавших ...
  • We condemn the ban off the antifascist memorial event on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the execution of Ernst Thälmann CPG (m-l) protests and is demonstrating its opposition against the decision of the institute that manages the Buchenwald concentration camp, to cancel the events in honour and in memory of the communist leader Ernst Thälmann that the Internationalist Alliance hosts in Germany. We have to do with a decision in line with the anticommunist campaign ...
  • On the result of the elections in Greece Monday, July 8, 2019 After July 7th elections New Democracy (ND) returned to office with a percentage that gives them absolute majority in the Parliament. This is the result of the reactionary road paved by the anti-grassroots policies that the government of SYRIZA followed during the last years. This government change will continue and deepen the ...
  • Joint statement on the European Parliamentary Election and call for Europe wide boycott May 2019 The European elections do not belong to the peoples! They belong to the multinationals and the imperialists! Abstention and denunciation of the European Union! The European Parliament election in May will be held at a time when the reactionary nature and role of the European Union (EU) are fully exposed. The EU operates under the law of the ...


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